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I currently have a blog at but I have been finding it difficult to upload my pictures and have it look right.  So it was suggested I try wordpress.  This is my first post here and I am learning my way around.  I have to add a picture to see if it truly works better.  Since my tagline is this is my scrapbook playground…  I am going to upload a couple scrapbook pages I did from Thanksgiving.  Let’s see how I do.

My Husband, Me and our Kids

My Husband, Me and our Kids

Hey that one seems to have been easy – I am going to try for a 2nd…
Wilkins Family 2 Generations

Wilkins Family 2 Generations

OK – now I am actually going to publish and see if it changes things.  Keep your fingers crossed.
Here is a Christmas song I really like that was recorded by an up and coming singer.   All I want for Christmas – By Sariah.  If you like her music, visit her website and check out her other songs.
Thanks for reading my ramblings…

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