Happy New Year


I  hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year. I am wishing all the best for everyone in 2009!On that note I have not been here for a while. I apologize, but as I know you all can understand – this time of year is very busy. I am also the finacial director of a consulting firm and our fiscal year ends 12/31 so I have some additional pressure. Add to that the fact that I am taking 2 classes at the local community college and it adds up to one busy person. But… I have had some down time this weekend and decided to play around with photoshop. I am a little “kit” challenged so I decided to create a couple of templates. I will leave the first one today. I have also designed a quick page to go with it.

The layout preview that you see is of my sister and her daughter. But I can totally relate to what is going on. Have you ever teased a child – be it your brother/sister or daughter/son and discovered that all though they are ticked off at you, their expression is so funny, it makes you laugh – so you continue to do it – well the photos in this layout are the result of doing just that. Oh this brings me back to babsyitting my younger sibs, the laughs I had… am I evil?

Enjoy the freebies! Papers from Nana’s Attic. Visit her site she has some great kits.

Click on the previews to download.


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