Lucky Ones


As I was sitting here working on a template for my blog – I had the tv on in the background.  It took me a little while before I actually listened to what they were saying – a plane crashed into the Hudson River.  I sat transfixed as I listened to what turned out to be an incredible story.   The plane “landed” in the water and thanks to the heroic efforts of all involved – everyone survived.  Miracles do happen!

So on to my templates.  I was working on my layouts for project 365 and I have completed the first 4 days of this week.  I used my templates (one of which was a freebie in a previous post) as well as a template provided by Bunny Cates in her 365 club.  The papers and elements are from the January collab kit from GDS – You can get to their store from a link on the right.

Here are my layouts:





The last two were created with a 2 page template I made.  I am leaving you with the first template today – come back tomorrow for the 2nd!  Enjoy.  Leave me a link to your layout if you use them.  I would love to see what you did with them.  Click on the preview below to download. – Michelle


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